1. Rezoning & Development: We are not only a construction company but also consultants that work with you, the client, to help expedite your project through the rezoning and development process with the city. what makes us very unique is we intricately understand the city bylaw and codes which makes working with Architects and Engineers a lot smoother than many other construction companies. This allows us to provide you a more detail understanding of construction methods, cost and budget at a very early stage.

2. Budget / Schedule: Integrity is our strong point. A critical component to any small or large project is understanding if a project is worth building and fits the timeline required. We have not only an experienced team but also data to back that up. We always act on behalf of the client on each project ensuring the initial budget and schedule is maintained and communicated.

3. Construction: Our Passion is construction and it shows in our High Standard of Quality. Once city approves the drawings, we are off with our best team to help build your project. We live and breathe challenges, finding the smartest and effective way of resolving them.

4. Communication: One of our greatest competitive advantages is our openness to communicate and transparency. We make sure that client is consistently involved in the decision making process with weekly meetings and highly organized approval process so it Simple and Easy.

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